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"Discover Practical, Proven, And Easy-To-Learn Mental
Strategies To Boost Sports Kids' Confidence & Success.
AND Improve Your Sports Parenting or Youth
Coaching Skills--With Sports Kids Aged 5 to 20!”

Learn Proven and Tested Mental Game Strategies
to Improve Any Young Athlete’s Success in Sports!

“I watched your neat online videos and loved them! There was so much that I could relate to, both for my son and myself. I also loved all the common-sense, practical advice for parents.”
~Pam Rowlinson, Sports Parent

“I especially like the mental game videos that we can watch together. I think the pre-game stuff is cool and the lessons on confidence, coping with doubt, and trust are worth there weight in gold.”
~Dr. Adam Glantzman, Sports Dad

From: Youth Sports Expert Patrick Cohn, Ph.D.
and Lisa Cohn, Award-winning Parenting Writer

Dear Sports Parents and Youth Coaches,

All parents and coaches want their young athletes to excel in sports. However, many of the parents and coaches we work with can see fear, doubt, and frustration on the faces of kids who struggle with the "inner" game of sports.

These parents and coaches aren’t sure how to help their kids improve their all-important mental games. They feel frustrated watching young athletes who struggle with lack of self-confidence and who can’t seem to fully enjoy sports. Parents and coaches write us every day to tell us their frustrations. They say their kids and teens:

  • Perform like stars in practice, but freeze up or play tentatively during games or competition
  • Doubt their abilities and embrace negative thinking at just the wrong moment
  • Have trouble letting go of mistakes and become easily frustrated or angry
  • Are distracted by worries about what a coach or teammates think about their performance
  • Expect too much of themselves, then beat themselves up for not meeting their high expectations
  • Perform tentatively or lack assertiveness against skilled players
  • Fall short of reaching their physical potential because they’re afraid of failing
  • Perform badly when their coach is hot-headed, upset or critical
  • Lose confidence after working with a negative coach—and can’t regain it

Parents and coaches say they have a hard time coping with the challenges of being sports parents or coaches to young athletes. Many sports parents and coaches say they:

  • Don’t understand how to help their kids get the most out of their talents without pressuring them
  • Are unsure how to approach kids about improving their performance
  • Don’t know how to identify when their young athletes are struggling with the mental game of sports
  • Are unsure of the best way to motivate young athletes in sports
  • Want to know how to help kids show more competitiveness and assertiveness in sports
  • Want to improve their communication with their children about their sports experience

It’s difficult for sports parents and coaches to watch their athletes under-perform in sports due to lack of confidence, fear, doubt, and tentativeness.

We’ve been there, too. Both of us have kids in sports who have had to overcome mental game roadblocks to success and happiness.

The solutions are not easy or obvious. However, you, as a parent or coach can learn how to respond to your athletes’ fears, doubts, and frustrations. You can develop happy, successful kids who are “mentally tough” in sports - and life!

Child or teen athletes may possess all the talent in the world. But if they can't "get their heads in the game" and realize their potential, their performance will suffer and they will be unhappy.

Who Are We and How Can We
Help Bewildered Sports Parents?

As a leading “mental game” coach, and an award-winning parenting writer, we have studied and worked with sports parents and coaches from all over the country. Their young athletes are all ages and skill levels. We’ve helped these parents and coaches boost their kids’ confidence, focus and performance.

Dr. Patrick Cohn has worked with some of the top athletes in the world - including PGA Tour winners and NASCAR winners - to improve their confidence, focus and composure. He has interviewed many world-renowned athletes, including Thurman Thomas, Michelle Akers, Erine Els, Mario Andretti, and Helen Alfredsson to uncover their "mental toughness" strategies.

He has authored and produced an extensive library of sports psychology books, videos and audio programs. He earned a Ph.D. in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia and owns and operates the leading mental training web site in the U.S. at

Dr. Cohn’s, sister, Lisa Cohn, is an award-winning parenting writer, youth coach and sports parent to four young athletes. As the host of “Ultimate Sports Parent Radio,” a popular Internet radio show, she has interviewed scores of parents and young athletes about kids’ “mental game” challenges.

Her parenting articles have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Mothering, Parenting, the Washington Times and other publications. She’s been quoted about parenting issues by The Associated Press, Washington Post, Time Magazine and the New York Times.

Learn the Latest, Cutting-Edge Mental Game Strategies
Used “in the Trenches” with Professional Athletes

You can benefit from Dr. Cohn’s work in sports psychology and Lisa Cohn’s experience in helping parents with sports parenting challenges. Now, you can tap into our secrets to sports success through a cutting-edge, proven program that helps young athletes overcome their top “mental game” challenges. Our program also addresses the top challenges that sports parents and coaches face.

Take advantage of our exclusive 10-step online mental training program for young athletes, sports parents and coaches. You and your young athletes will learn just what it takes to cultivate confidence, focus, and composure in sports through program and our other online content.

"A Wealth or Information"

“I do like the kid-focus approach on Kids Sports Psychology. The site has clearly a wealth of information on mental strategies for kids to read and take in.”
~Brian Henry, Sports Parent

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Simple-to-read and downloadable mental training e-books for kids (based on their age). They can learn the same strategies professional athletes use to improve their mental toughness and success.

The latest trends in youth sports psychology under our “hot topics” in youth sports and sports psychology departments.

Expert audio interviews with successful sports parents, youth sports experts, coaches, and sports psychologists.

Our “Ask The Experts" section, which provides expert advice from Dr. Cohn and Lisa Cohn. Read parents’ and coaches’ questions and our answers to their challenges. You can also submit your youth sports question to us.

Quick sports parenting reminders with our exclusive checklists for sports parents.

Our interactive Forum for sports parents and coaches, which allows you to interact with and get answers to your questions from us and other members.

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Find out how young athletes can boost their performance and confidence by establishing powerful "pre-game" rituals and mental preparation strategies.

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Kids’ Sports Psychology Can Help
You Address These Challenges—and More!

What parents say about their kids’ challenges:

“Our kids become so intense in a big game that they "blank out" and forget the plays they've been running all season long! They get that ‘deer in a headlights’ look.”

“My daughter said that she wants to play well because she wants to make me happy. I remind her not to think that way.”

“My older son is a slow starter. He is tentative the first time he plays against a player he's not familiar with. The longer he plays the better he gets, but coaches don't have time to wait for him to get comfortable.”

“My 7-year-old son just finished his first year of football with some of the worst youth coaching I've seen. He has finished his season with his confidence absolutely crushed by the coaching.”

What parents say about their own challenges:

“I want to help my son not be so critical of himself if he PERCEIVES that he makes a mistake or lets his team down--like when he strikes out or gives up a hit if pitching.”

We are not sure how to interact with our child's coach. As parents (who have experience as athletes/coaches), we disagrees with the coach's approach, method of speaking with children, and do not know how to deal with the situation.”

“As a parent, I am having a hard time staying positive about my daughter’s lack of performance on the gymnastics mat. She has had various skills for years and now is not performing them. I feel that I get very upset and angry with her because I do not understand how you can lose a skill for no apparent reason.”

“My 12-year-old son is playing AAA Hockey. This year we have a new coach who has never coached at this level before and for some strange reason finds it necessary to degrade my son in front of his teammates. A number of times my son has come out of the dressing room upset. It is difficult for me to see him so upset and he has lost all of his confidence.”


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Year-round Mental Training - In-Season or Off-Season

No matter if your kids are in the middle of their sports season or in off-season, Kids’ Sports Psychology can help them improve mental game skills for sports year-round.

Our one-year membership can help kids sharpen their mental game before the season starts or give them that added confidence boost mid-season. And the skills they learn they’ll likely transfer to other areas of their lives!

Don’t let your sports kids continue to lose confidence and under-perform in sports because of their mental game.

Give your kids a boost in confidence with our exclusive 10-step program (and all the other confidence-boosting strategies on The positive skills your kids learn as athletes can help them be successful in life too!


Dr. Patrick Cohn
and Lisa Cohn

P.S. Act today and save on an entire year of online mental training. Our program is like having a mental game expert on your team for a fraction of the cost of personal mental training.