How This Sports Program Helps Kids Excel in Life

The L.E.A.D. Center for Youth in Atlanta focuses on helping Black kids and teens learn skills that help them excel in life–and the program is working.

About 60% of Black students in Atlanta public schools graduate, said Kelli Stewart, co-founder of the program. Those who participate in the L.E.A.D. program have a 100% graduation rate.

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The Ultimate Sports Parent

You can benefit from our 15-plus years’ of work in sports psychology and sports parenting research. Now, you can tap into our secrets to sports success through a cutting-edge, 14-day program that helps young athletes overcome the top “mental game” challenges that sports parents face—and the top challenges young athletes face. In our 14-day program, you and your young athlete will learn just what it takes to cultivate confidence, focus, and composure in sports!

Through our extensive research, we’ve discovered that the parents of top-performing, happy, young athletes know how to support their kids in sports. These parents understand just how to:

  • Communicate with coaches
  • Boost their kids’ confidence on game day
  • Help kids stop worrying about what others’ think
  • Teach kids no one is perfect
  • Give kids appropriate feedback after defeat
  • Free kids to trust in their own abilities, and
  • Help kids focus on what’s most important….And more!

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