Tips for Young Athletes Focus

Dr. Cohn talks about the pitfalls of focusing too much on the outcome and why you want your athletes to have good mental preparation, including on how to focus on the process rather than thinking about the outcomes.

What’s the problem with focusing on the outcome?

Watch the video below, Sports Parents Success Video 8: Sports Concentration Tips For Young Athletes, to see what tips Dr. Cohn gives to sports parents to help their young athletes focus on the process.

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The Focused Sports Kid

Help Kids Improve Focus in Sports

The Focused Sports Kid” is two programs in one. There’s a manual for parents/coaches, and a workbook for young athletes.

In addition to learning how to identify their distractions and deal with them, young athletes learn about how and why to focus on sports-specific “performance cues” that will help them feel more confident and excel in sports.

Parents/coaches also learn about these all-important performance cues and why they should help kids focus on them.

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