Fear of Failure in Youth Sports

How can you help sports kids get over their fear of failure?

Many young athletes worry too much about what others think and this can cause pressure and expectations.

If your athletes worry about what you think, watch this sports parenting success video.

Watch the new video, Sports Parents Success Video 3: Fear of Failure, below to see what tips Dr. Cohn gives to sports parents to help their young athletes succeed in sports.

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The Confident Sports Kid

Help Athletes Improve Confidence

When kids lack confidence, they doubt themselves, stop taking risks, play tentatively, and are hard on themselves. As a result, kids often lose their motivation to improve. Ultimately, these barriers keep them from enjoying sports and making the most of their physical talent.

The Confident Sports Kid” program is actually two programs: one that teaches sports parents how to boost their kids’ confidence, and another that teaches young athletes age 8 to 18 how to improve their self talk, avoid negative thinking, overcome expectations that limit confidence, and much more. The program will help kids boost their confidence in sports and life…and enjoy sports more.

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