Athletes Who Don’t Improve with Lessons

Does Your Athlete Have too Many Coaches?

Do you have an athlete who seems to be regressing in their sport? Many athletes don’t improve when they have too many coaches or are making too many changes.

In this sports psychology video about learning motor skills, Dr. Cohn answers a question from a reader about an athlete going backwards despite many lessons. Why would athletes go backwards? Here’s the question of the week:

“My daughter is a 16-year-old softball pitcher & volleyball. Despite many lessons, she has gone backwards with her pitching. She cannot get out of an inning…she either walks the batter or hits the batter in the foot. I think she gets overly anxious and has lost her confidence. She is a little timid at times and seems afraid of making mistakes. How can she improve?”

Rick, Sports Parent

Learn about the challenges with learning new skills or when your athlete is getting too much coaching…

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